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Not rules, just ideas and tips, this is what we look for when reviewing stories:

1. Which section are you submitting to? (Fashion, Photography, Fine Art, Illustration, News or other).

2. Do you realistically have enough images to make a coherent story? Ideally you will have at least 8-18 ‘final’ images for fashion and 4 for the other categories. We may not use them all.

3. In addition ensure you have at least 3 options for each of the 8-18 ‘final’ images!

4. If fashion, are you aiming high street or high fashion? We need to ensure the magazine carries both – so do pick credible, current (or very retro) brands and designers. Think about which season we’re in or coming into: is it current and fresh?

5. Keep in mind the fashion season:

February to July: Spring/Summer
August to January: Autumn/Winter
July/August: end of season, Summer special, glimpse of the new Autumn winter collection

January/February: end of season, need to dream, exotic places and winter advice

6. For fashion, don’t submit a handful of images all with the same outfit. We need to see choice, e.g. at least 8 uniquely different images with multiple outfit changes (at least 4 across the story). In addition ensure you have at least 3 options for each of the 8 images!

7. Do you have the right mix of images e.g. pictures taken landscape as well as portrait, full-length, three quarter length, profiles, close up etc. What’s the quality of the images?

8. How well do you think your story fits the magazine and its theme? Maybe one of the future themes works better.

9. Is your story current, credible and does it work within the style of SUPER DELUXE MAGAZINE?

10. Do you have enough time to bring together the team, shoot the story, send over the drafts and then prepare the final work within the deadlines (with credits)?

11. Are you comfortable with the Super Deluxe Magazine team cropping your work and maybe sequencing it differently to how you did it?

12. Are you happy for your story to be used to promote the magazine?

13. Do you have a a killer picture or potential cover?

14. Will you be able to cope with honest feedback on your work?

15. Do not leave it to the deadline to supply your story, this is the FINAL content deadline which means you need to be talking to us in advance of this deadline.



We try very hard to reply to everyone, but with the volume of submissions this can sometimes be difficult. Below we’ve outlined some of the standard replies and reasons for us not getting back to you or your work not making the cut.

1. When you submitted you didn’t say which issue or theme e.g. you just sent a link to your website, or attached some pictures without any background information.

2. You did not take into account the information provided on this page
(See section above called ‘Submission guidelines’).

3. The submission is the same or similar to another we are currently planning for the issue.

4. If we have accepted your idea or submission, but then you find its been dropped – It could be a simple case that we reached the maximum size of pages for our flipping online magazine/print run, or the digital version became too big.

5. Your editorial appears in the digital version but not in the flipping online magazine/print copy? This is because our print copy is smaller owing to costs and practicality of size, we have to edit the issue down and some stories unfortunately will not make both editions.

6. The quality or style of the images is not right for our magazine.

7. Your submission does not conform to any of our up-coming themes, or does not merit (in our opinion), being included outside of a theme.

8. You shot a fashion story using last seasons collections.


Please send us low resolution images with options and a strip first, also include team and fashion credits (for fashion stories).

After a first approval, please follow the guidelines below.

When packaging your high resolution images, please ensure you send it in one go WITH the credits, please do not send 10-30 links and credits in another email, this just causes confusion and mistakes.

We can accept any of the following file,, or similar. If you use them ensure email it to


Color Spaces

All Black & White Images should be supplied in the following formats (Both):
- CMYK & Greyscale

All Color Images should be supplied in the following formats (Both):

The pictures/images should be delivered:
- WITHOUT GRAPHICS / Unless previously agreed.
- WITHOUT CREDITS on the images
- Images should be the final retouched ‘clean’ images only


Images should be provided in the following formats only:

- DO NOT supply as PDF or PSD images


General images must be supplied no less than 300dpi, Approved cover images or cover options should ideally be supplied at 450dpi.
Image Sizing Information (Minimum dimensions, larger is okay).
All single page images should be supplied: A4 + 3mm Bleed (210 x 297mm or 8.3″ x 11.7)
All Double Page Spreads should be supplied: A3 + 3mm Bleed (297mm x 420mm or 11.7 x 16.5)
For cover images, same as the single pages dimension above, but increase the bleed from 3mm to 7mm


Please ensure you include the following:

1. A suggested title for your story.
2. The creative team.
3. The clothing credits.

The Creative Team Credits

Write the credits as follows, do not change the title labels, or add additional punctuation etc. such as | – : ; also do not use bullets when listing the credits. Do not make any of the credits bold or italic.
Photographer and Stylist are in Uppercase:
The rest of the team credits are in lowercase:
Photography Assistant
Stylist Assistant
Hair Stylist
Makeup Artist
Model @ Agency Name
When noting websites:
Do not list the full URL http://www is not needed, just the domain name. e.g. is correct is not. You may join the domain by the person concerned by using a forward slash with a space before and after ‘ / ‘.

The Clothing Credits

Do not use overly descriptive labeling. Please simply note the garment, and its brand as well as a shop/store if it’s specific. The description should be Title case and the brand name uppercase. Each credit should be on its own line. When joining the description to the brand include the term ‘by’. When crediting multiple models in a picture use the term ‘Suzy Wears’, if it’s just one model, drop his/her name – See example below:
David Wears
Shirt by LOUIS VUITTON @ Harvey Nichols
T-Shirt by PRADA
Trousers by GUCCI
Emma Wears
When supplying the images and credits make sure they can quickly be matched to one another. In many cases the best way is to supply them in a Microsoft Word format or PDF, with the picture and credits both visible. Make sure your credits match one filename only. Don’t write Look1 or 2 as we don’t know what your referencing. Filenames are more accurate.
We also need to have suppliers listed, so please note the specific shop/store or the Brand and website URL.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you double check all credits as we are unable to correct either the print or digital editions once we’ve published them. Make sure you’ve not forgotten anything!


Exclusive publication rights– By allowing SUPER DELUXE MAGAZINE to publish your story, you are granting us ‘exclusive’ publishing, promotion and usage rights for a minimum of 13 consecutive months, after the initial publication date, and hereafter, standard publishing rights apply (except agreed otherwise). This means your images can only be used for your own promotion e.g. cards, adverts promoting your work, your website, portfolio or personal blog, or other blogs promoting your work (in the context of the story being from SUPER DELUXE MAGAZINE – It should be credited to SUPER DELUXE MAGAZINE and as well as yourself and associated team). This is because SUPER DELUXE MAGAZINE wants its stories to be exclusive to us for the year in which they’re published. After the above-mentioned 13 months, SUPER DELUXE MAGAZINE retains non-exclusive publishing, promotion, usage and licensing rights in perpetuity, across all our publishing media or online and print, but at this time you are able to re-publish the story (with other magazines) if you want to.

Copyright – The photographer retains full copyright of images supplied through the submission process, but grants SUPER DELUXE MAGAZINE the publishing rights noted above. If however the photographer shoots under a commissioning letter or letter of responsibility, SUPER DELUXE MAGAZINE and the Photographer hold joint copyright in perpetuity, unless otherwise agreed in writing from SUPER DELUXE MAGAZINE.

Responsibilities – You agree to the following, 1) You will retain Names, Addresses, emails and Contact numbers for all members of your team should problems occur as a result of your shoot, and / problems after your shoot, and you agree to validate their accuracy, as much as you can. 2) You have all associated insurances/permits in place for your location of shoot as per local law requirements. 3) All models are either professionally booked via a model agent or the associated model waivers/permits/visa and/or releases in place, all as per local law requirement. 4) When shooting under a commissioning letter or similar, you will ensure that the stylist also has associated insurances in place (for transit of goods from couriers and their own insurance for loss or damage of goods while in their care, and you will provide SUPER DELUXE MAGAZINE with their Name, Email, Address and Phone number, as dispute arising from not returned items or damaged goods usually are notified to us by the designers/PR companies concerned. 5) All courier tickets/receipts etc., along with tracking numbers for items being returned should be scanned/copied and sent to the main contact dealing with SUPER DELUXE MAGAZINE, so in the event of any issues, we can track items quickly. In the case of letters of responsibility, this is a non-negotiable condition and the above-items will need to be sent to SUPER DELUXE MAGAZINE as created.

Right to Publish - Obtaining a commissioning letter or pull letter/letter of responsibility does not mean we will publish your editorial story online or in print. Final decision sits with the Editor at time of going to press or publishing the digital version. We also reserve the right to change which issue your editorial goes in. Any expenses or costs of your shoot are at your own risk; please do not undertake a shoot in our name unless you can afford the loss, should it happen. When not publishing an item, it is usually owing to one of the following things; Space availability within the issue targeted; the shoot is not as per the agreed mood boards/reference pictures; The models were swapped and not those previously approved; the models had changed their appearance, e.g. hair or weight gain etc.; the image quality is poor; styling is not as per the magazines standards; poor posing/boring images and so on.

Publication Platform – SUPER DELUXE MAGAZINE utilizes different channels and social medias including website, Issuu, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, our blog etc. In some cases we reserve the right to withdraw an editorial from one publishing channel and move it to another. This is not common but in some cases where we feel the editorial story is not quite right or would suit another channel we may do so – We will always try to contact you in advance of this happening, but this is not guaranteed.

Embargo on images – Do not post images online of your approved editorial before SUPER DELUXE MAGAZINE goes to publication. If you do, we reserve the right to pull the story for the issue or request you take them down until after publication.

Delivery of images/artwork by the agreed deadline and specification – SUPER DELUXE MAGAZINE reserves the right to drop your editorial from publication if you miss the deadline agreed or do not deliver the artwork/images within the agreed specification.

NOTE: These terms and conditions are updated periodically on our website. Please ensure you have read the latest Submission T&Cs and agree to them prior to working with SUPER DELUXE MAGAZINE.

PHEW...If you managed to read it all, you're more than ready to contribute! Hope to see you soon in our magazine! Good luck!